Our team members’ credentials are impeccable. Our people create long-term partnerships.

TrustedImpact PEOPLE is about implementation, and augmenting your team with specialist skills on a flexible contracting basis.


Why clients choose TrustedImpact ‘PEOPLE’?

     Our people:

  • possess deep expertise in information security
  • come with a breadth of experience gained from a wide range of industries
  • have access to a community of like-minded professionals that can assist in contributing to best practice methodologies
  • can be engaged on a flexible contractor basis to complement your teams to fulfil on strategies and other outcomes


Although our people are experienced experts, we still believe that feedback from our clients on their performance is important.

     Therefore we will:

  • meet your requirements closely
  • conduct formal reviews with you on a pre-determined frequency and take your feedback seriously
  • at the end of an engagement, we will adopt a structured feedback process – “what went well / even better if”


Why Candidates contract with TrustedImpact ‘PEOPLE’?

     As our people, you will

  • be part of a tightly-knit information security community – having access to other high calibre professionals to leverage knowledge and share information
  • have knowledge-based sessions – forums to discuss current and emerging issues, the environment, people movements, etc.
  • be focussed on meeting client needs, while we remain actively engaged in the market to identify your next opportunity
  • gain experience working with different industry groups and companies


At TrustedImpact, our experience, our people, and our long-term partnerships are our strength.

Senior-level expertise in every aspect of information security allows us to provide quality, practical advice – not complex industry rhetoric – and translate complex security risks into simple business outcomes.