How We Work

Information security and cyber security

Essentially there are two different styles of engagement

Both will deliver tailored, independent outcomes.

Project based

You have a specific requirement, we agree the scope of the project and we deliver what you expect.
We won’t stop until we do that and deliver the positive impact that your organisation requires.
Depending on your needs, we can help you with fundamental or advanced services.

Project Based

Defined outcome

You have a particular need

We can deliver a solution in a project

Security as a service

As security is on-going investment, it can be hard to constantly review and update plans in light of the changing environment.

We can provide a suite of security services that help you monitor and assess your security exposures, as well as build stronger security throughout your organisation.

You recognise you need on-going security support and services to improve your security position.

We can provide planned and adhoc services through on-going subscription.

Depending on your needs we can help you with a fundamental or advanced services.

Security as a service

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